Bea Everett Music

About Bea

Since childhood, Bea has been immersed in musical environments ranging from musical theatre productions and auditoriums, to just listening to her father improvise on the piano at home. Bea always loved to sing, and at the age of 12 began to combine her love of singing with a newfound interest in poetry. Along with her basic ability to play the guitar, Bea's singing and poetry quickly evolved into a new obsession; songwriting. Her main influences, from the beginning until now, include KT Tunstall, Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse, Stacey Kent, and many of the local musical peers Bea has met along her path.


By the age of 14, Bea had taught herself to play the piano, and was performing her original material in venues local to her family home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. She gives great credit and thanks to Paul Dunton for giving her a regular slot at The Grey Lady, where she gained years of early gigging experience.


In 2013, Bea self-released her EP, The Woods, with the help of musician and producer, Chutney Langer, and made pocket money selling CDs to passers by while busking in town centres. She says that busking is one of her favourite ways to perform, keeping her humble and connected with communities.


In 2015, Bea completed a BA Hons in Professional Songwriting at BIMM Brighton, but decided that she was not ready to take on the music industry alone, and so put her music career on the backseat for a few years while she focused on building knowledge and interest in other areas such as herbal & holistic healing, sustainability and off-grid living.


Now, a decade on from her first gig, Bea has returned to Brighton and is reviving her music career with passion and gusto - soon to release her first full album, Russian Doll, recorded at Big Jelly Studios, Ramsgate. She has high hopes of entering into the world of music publishing, not only to distribute her catalogue of songs to the greater public, but to also explore her interest in writing music to moving image.


Keep up to date with Bea's musical adventures by following her on Instagram @beaeverettmusic